Why Startup is a perfect destination to Intern

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If you are still in college or recently graduated, Internship is the perfect way to pave into the career and gain first Hands on Experience.Startups are perfect destinations simply because you gain good amount of experience and get trained.

You might have get  chance in startup which doesn't have reputation and brand name and also you might not have pay but the experience you gain at the startup is worthy.Guys with a Intern will add some better chocolate and  cream to the resume and it is beneficial to get enter the reputed Organizations and Branded Organization for which you guys are looking for...:)

Below are the some reasons why you should intern in a startup:

1.No Barriers

At first we get to know is there are no barriers as on average , most of the employees are aged between 18-35.Being closer to your age helps you guys interact with the colleagues and the most important one you build contacts and confidence and you'll get a chance to interact directly with your Boss where it is very rare in the Larger Organizations.

2. You'll Everything and Anything 

In a Startup every Team member is valuable and important  and every second is too valuable. You'll get recognized for your efforts.Everyone is treated equally and hierarchy doesn't play its role.Everyone is treated equally and learns from each other.A small example if you have entered as a developer in a startup you might play a Manager role and crack the deal and when Your Boss might busy with other chat. In Short and simple Startup promises overall growth and helps to learn everything.


The best thing you ever experience in small startup is that you meet so many talented people. Not only will they teach you but also guide for your future. They act as reference in the future.You get a chance to speak with the people from all walks of life and you also get a chance meet the clients inspite you being a Intern.

4.Being Innovator

Larger companies often come with their pre-planned and designed products and services.Many a times you'll get a chance to present your ideas for companies growth.At every moment you'll be Innovating and creating the aspects of the company.You will be asked to do things which you have never done before.

5.Quick in Adapting

There are no rules or order to work in a Startup. Its all about Innovating and Experimenting the New Techniques. Since nothing is tried and tested , you have power resting in your hands. The project you are working on today may get scrapped and approved tomorrow. Adapting to the changes at any moment will not disturb you as you have experienced different stages in a Startup. Going with the flow becomes your motto at end of the Internship.

Difference between a Startup and a Big (Established) Organization is you'll learn everything . In startup every employee is importance and your  efforts are valued. You will find making mistakes and  learn much more from the mistakes. At last you may directly Hired by the Startup Management.