One space. One goal.Making Ideas Happen. ItStartsHere..!!!

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T-Hub an independent registered non-profit organization launched on 5th November 2015 by Government of Telangana is a public/private partnership between the government of Telangana, 3 of India’s premier academic institutes (IIIT-H, ISB & NALSAR) and Key private sector leaders.It stands at the intersection of the start-up, academic, corporate, research and government sectors.

    T-Hub India's largest startup destination.!!!



    great STARTUP'S STARTUP...!!!

Vision: T-Hub is primarily designed for technology-related start-ups, and its mission is creating an ecosystem that encourages more start-up success stories from India. T-hub envisages to attract the best start-ups from across the world to Hyderabad and to help entrepreneurs launch and scale innovative companies working closely with an extensive network of partners.                                

The Company that is in the first stage of its operations are often initially bankrolled by their entrepreneurial founders as they attempt to capitalize on developing a product or service for which they believe there is a demand. Due to limited revenue or high costs, most of these small scale operations are not sustainable in the long term without additional funding from venture capitalists. Here T-Hub gives a platform for Entrepreneurs of Worlds the best Start-ups to get funding from Venture Capitalists and obviously it also an easy way for the venture Capitalists to know about the profit making startups’.

  • ·       To attract the best start-ups & entrepreneur organizations from across the world to Hyderabad. 
  • ·        Work with an extensive of partners to help entrepreneurs launch and scale innovative companies.
  • ·       Equip innovators and organizations alike with the entrepreneurship skills required to succeed using methodologies    that upstage the traditional learning.
  • ·        Link, educate and promote all entrepreneurship-related stakeholders in Hyderabad and Telangana, including start-ups, inventors, incubators and accelerators, research centers, start-ups resources etc. in order to facilitate faster connections between Talent, ideas and Capital. 

    Catalyst a T-hub Building: An avant-garde futuristic 70,000 square foot building called Catalyst is now under the T-hub is dedicated completely to entrepreneurship. Catalyst located at IIT-H Campus, Gachibowli, the sprawling building will bring the startup community together by providing a platform for entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and academia to interact and collaborate. 

     T-Hub will bridge the gap between start-ups and Investors

    One Space. One Goal.Making Ideas Happen.


    Paving the Road for a brighter future:

    T-hub’s goal is to build an ecosystem which could give provision to local entrepreneurs and also acts as a gateway for anyone who wants to start a tech company in India

    Article Credits: Akhilesh