Is Women Co-Founder needed for a Startup ?

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In the successive Indian Business Eco- System , many corporate Leaders and Business consultants are swearing by their new strategy to serve from the bottom line of organization, by putting women In-charge.This is strategy that supplant any growth hack that has been practice all these years.

There are certain characteristics that are very prominent in women , such as empathy, intuition, and optimism, greatly contribute towards accomplishing organisational goals and building a solid workplace relationship. Women are considered to be more emotionally intelligent, passionate, and helpful, all traits that aid in creating a healthy professional relationship and a comprehensive workforce. Consequently, women can significantly contribute to any workforce.

Lets have a look towards some facts where there have been innumerable studies conducted till date examining " Gender diversity in the workplace.’ Such studies have successfully established that gender diversity is directly proportional to the financial success of an organisation. Men and women with equal foothold in senior positions accelerate the growth of an organisation. 

Organisations today greatly benefit from gender equality within the workplace. Female co-founders and female employees are experts at creating and maintaining a healthy balance between work and life. Women outshine men in this; right from taking care of family to maintaining excellence in performance in the office. Women master the art of balancing job and family very well and they understand the need for extracurricular activities to stay productive and creative. Additionally, women have introduced policies such as flexible timings to allow today’s employees to maintain a good work-life balance.

Many experts state that women are better communicators, owing to their capacity to respond more effectively to visual, verbal and emotional factors than men. Endowed with better communication and networking skills, female leaders can encourage collaboration and group work, while many male leaders find it difficult to handle emotions at work and prefer to give directives and motivate employees by sharing competitive stories with team members. On the contrary, a female leader is more likely to listen to the team members carefully, share ideas and give advice to encourage team work, while maintaining professionalism.

In the present day workplace, communication and collaboration are extremely important. A woman’s ability to create a collaborative work force and her ability to decode emotions of co-workers or subordinates create the prime building blocks for any startup. With effective collaboration and communication, strong relationships are built both inside and outside the organisation, ultimately leading to an extremely successful business. Overall, women bring several valuable traits that complement their male counterparts’. If men and women were to combine their skills together, then any organisation would become unstoppable. So, don’t keep a woman from moving forward; she may be the best part of your organisation!

( Courtesy : Her story )