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 DevmenIT is the most diversified IT Training Services Provider, a helping hand for people whose love of technology impossible to hide, aspire to learn & update with the future ready technologies.DevmenIT vision is to be a world class organisation for technological education & best IT development service provider from INDIA

JULY 2014 Our Humble Beginnings

DevmenIT as a team of 5 started its journey,a grand inaugural at Jayaprakash Narayan Engineering College, Mahabubnagar admidst more than 500 supporters.Also, became the partner of Microsoft under Microsof Learning Partners category.

DECEMBER 2014 Introducing DevsparkZ

DevmenIT launched the academic initiative DevSparkZ basis the opportunites in the IT for students in vaious cutting egde technologies & how can engage with them in a structured way to add more value and strengthen employability skills.

FEBRUARY 2015 Corporate Trainings

DevmenIT help the employees to improve ones own skill development and exhibit the best performance, we are into corroprate trainings provding technology support in reputed companies of IT in the fileds like .net ,Mobile Development,sharepoint etc.

MARCH 2015 Microsoft Office Championship

MOS(Microsoft office Specialist) certification shows the world that one has certified skills to tap the full features and functionality of Microsoft office,MOS validates core skills in microsoft office products. DevmenIT is part of Microsoft Office Championship happening across the world to provide certification.


Our Services support & partner in innovations to make creative apps & products.

App Development

The Future of the Mobile App Development is Here! The biggest and the definitive multi-platform opportunity to explore mobile application development for India’s mobile developer ecosystem.We DevmenIT provide the technical services of app development in Android,Windows Phone & Blackberry.

Technology Training 

DevmenIT is a Microsoft Learning Partner, an organisation growing IT Training and Services Provider determined to set high standards in IT industry.Our technological expertise, high quality standards, creativity and efficiency are combined in our services to deliver maximum value to our customers.


DevsparkZ is a hackathon from DevmenIT to learn & share technology.DevmenIT

events helps you demonstrate the newest technologies and host tech events on your

campus & attend trainings from Industry leaders to enhance your knowledge about

cutting edge technologies.



                                                                                                     Technical Trainings

 DevmenIT is a startup organization with a qualified team operating across India to enhance the skills of the students in cutting edge Technologies. We, DevmenIT place technical education as a powerful tool in today's technology-driven and fast-paced world. We believe in creating a world where everyone is attracted to Information Technology & has access to knowledge and learning. We want to provide opportunities which everyone can gain through various technologies. DevmenIT adheres to its mission of providing quality technical education through affordable professional learning services. We provide high quality of technical education through modules based on a specific Technology with a small price tags. We foster internships, Hackathons & events to help, create global relationships with our students.

         Every Technology is different and special in its own way. Each has its own distinct strength, dependencies, implementation and set of business objectives. From day one, DevmenIT focuses on streamlining technology learning so that your students have best learning & unique technical expertise to shine through. That way, we ensure your desired outcomes stay at the forefront of every decision.

DevmenIT has established a strong hold in the south as a startup organization & successfully completed imparted the knowledge of latest Technologies. The various certification we carry out are:

Industry Certifications

Microsoft training and certification provides computer training and online computer certification for all Microsoft technology products, courses, and exams.Microsoft Certifications are valuable in the market and will remain valuable as long as companies are using the technologies covered in the certification.When you pass your first Microsoft Certification exam, you become a member of the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) community with access to all of the benefits provided through the Microsoft Certification Program and the MCP member site.

Want to be a Microsoft Certified? to get certified, you can contact us on

  • 040-24030509 | 9885612468

The IBM Certification Program will assist in laying the groundwork for your personal journey to become a world-class resource to your customers, colleagues, and company, by providing you with the appropriate skills and accreditation needed to succeed.IBM Member site is a unique public page that can showcase your certifications and describe accomplishments related to IBM Certifications that you want to highlight. IBM Certification profile page can be shared through a user friendly URL to whoever you want.Exclusive entitled area related to your certifications and to download certification marks.

Want to be an IBM Certified? to get certified, you can contact us on

  • 040-24030509 | 9885612468

The HP Accredited Technical Associate (HP ATA) certification provides a complete learning solution-including courseware, practice tests, and certification exams-that goes well beyond simple concepts and product knowledge.The HP ATA certification delivers the industry's first architect-level certification designed for academia. It validates real-world skills and prepares students for employment in small and medium business environments.HP ATA certifications teach and assess the ability to design, implement and administer end-to-end and cloud IT solutions typically found at small and medium businesses.The new HP Accredited Technical Associate certification provides the skills that employers want.

Want to be an HP Certified? to get certified, you can contact us on

  • 040-24030509 | 9885612468

Work Shops and Hackathons

Creative and resourceful, student Partners,DevmenIT team lead campaigns and projects at their colleges and in their communities to encourage others to contribute to App Development.Together, DevmenIT Student Partners a large role in helping to improve the global experience of people through apps.we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet apps alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. We believe this act of human collaboration across an IT platform is essential to individual growth and our collective future.Volunteering is about more than lending a hand. It’s about learning, collaborating and sharing your skills with a global community.


  •                                                                                                                  Obtain leadership roles on your campus
                                                                                                       Help grow DevmenIT community in the student community.
                                                                                                    Receive a bunch of cool rewards and recognition opportunities
                                                                                                  Help promote the app development and gain marketing experience
                                                                                                                            Potential for a DevmenIT internship.