"DRIVEZY" - Smart Vehicle Technology to "JUST Ride" in Rented Car

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The invention of the motor car can be termed as a quantum leap at the peak of the European Industrial Revolution. However, since the days of Karl Benz, little has been done to disrupt the way cars are bought.We at Drivezy are on a mission to transform the way cars/bikes are purchased, rented and sold. The concept of car rentals is yet to spread its wings in India. As pioneers in the Indian self drive car rental industry, we believe in the mantra- “Why buy a vehicle, when you can rent one?”

        Transport is the backbone of any modern economy. However, rapid motorization effectuates its own set of issues. While on one hand the burgeoning number of vehicles on road has become a menace in metro across India, a number of cities suffer from lack of good urban commuting solutions.

        The concept of car rentals may be simple, but it holds immense potential. Be it the positive impact of  rental vehicles on the environment or reducing the number of vehicles out on the streets, the shared economy of self drive car rentals is a promising solution to a number of problems plaguing urban India.

Drivezy is Solution for your Riding Needs

        Drivezy is India’s first aggregator service in the business of car rentals. We at Drivezy aim to be a one stop shop for rent-a-car & rent-a-bike services. Bid adieu to expensive maintenance and fuel cost. With  Drivezy you can hire cars/bikes for self drive by the hour, day or week and have them delivered right at  your doorstep.

       Launched by alumnus of IIT Bombay and NIT Allahabad, Drivezy is a next generation technology  aggregator in the car rental industry with the prime products being Micro and Macro leasing of vehicles.

 Founding Partners are Hemant Sah , Vasant Verma , Abhishek Mahajan , Amit Sahu ,

                                                        Ashwarya Pratap Singh 

        Through its web and mobile based service network, the company links and facilitates transactions  between vendors and consumers. Unlike existing market players, Drivezyis not the Owner or proprietor  of the vehicles it rents. The company leases vehicles from individual vendors by providing them a  minimum guarantee value. Drivezy economic model complements the existing ecosystem, guaranteeing  fixed return to all stake holders.

      The company is currently conducting a massive test of its in-house Smart Vehicle Technology (SVT) in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Gurgaon. The technology, a worldwide first, is predicted to soon challenge the monopoly of Taxi aggregators as self-driven cars on hire have always been a cheaper alternative to taxis.

Das Capital group has came forward to rise the turnover of the company with their Investments.