Startup Stories

"DRIVEZY" - Smart Vehicle Technology to "JUST Ride" in Rented Car

16 Mar, 2018

Transport is the backbone of any modern economy. However, rapid motorization effectuates its own set of issues. While on one hand the burgeoning number of vehicles on road has become a menace in metros across India, a number of cities suffer from lack of good urban commuting solutions. The concept of car rentals may be simple, but it holds immense potential. Be it the positive impact of rental vehicles on the environment or reducing the number of vehicles out on the streets, the shared economy of self drive car rentals is a promising solution to a number of problems plaguing urban India.

Finomena facilitates Loans for Young Professionals

13 Jun, 2017

Finomena uses algorithms to assess the credit worthiness of young working professionals, who would be denied loans from NBFCs and banks, and helps them get micro loans for consumer electronics.It was Started by Alumni of Stanford University Riddhi Mittal and IIT-Delhi alumnus Abhishek Garg in October 2015.

ISRO planing to launch space vehicles

02 May, 2017

Isro’s plan to develop technology that will allow two space vehicles to attach in orbit (docking) and also transfer material between them (berthing) has been cleared Technology will eventually allow Isro to transfer humans in space Immediate goal is to enable refuelling of spacecraft to give them longer life.

Meet Flipkart’s new CEO (for a day)!

27 Apr, 2017

Its really great news that The Bengaluru-headquartered company ran a contest for employees, in which the winner would become its CEO for a day. Thirty four-year-old Padmini Pagadala is selected as CEO in Flipkart for a day as part of the Big10 celebrations to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company.

Mr. Naidu launches "APPurse" mobile App

10 Dec, 2016

In India we have many Chief Ministers who came forward to develop the IT Industry Economy but of them TechSavy and Tech Lover Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh ,Mr. Naidu is prominent.He has come forward with newer program in this " Demonetization" effect to solve this crunch Andhra Pradesh Government has come up with " APPurse".

Is Women Co-Founder needed for a Startup ?

17 Nov, 2016

In the successive Indian Business Eco- System , many corporate Leaders and Business consultants are swearing by their new strategy to serve from the bottom line of organization, by putting women In-charge.This is strategy that supplant any growth hack that has been practice all these years


18 Oct, 2016

DevmenIT is the most diversified IT Training Services Provider, a helping hand for people whose love of technology impossible to hide, aspire to learn & update with the future ready technologies.DevmenIT vision is to be a world class organisation for technological education & best IT development service provider from INDIA.


18 Oct, 2016

FreeCodeCamp Hyderabad, a local developer community started not even a month ago, just had their 4th meet-up in the city at everyone’s favorite maker space, Collab House. The community is mentored by three passionate developers – Kapil, Ramana and Arijit.

Collab House treat Saturday the same way they treat Monday...Collab House respects Innovation.

17 Oct, 2016

Collab House is one of the most prominent maker spaces in the city with the amazing crowd of makers and product developers. We have an engaging crowd from Colleges and Universities with passion for electronics and ideas around Internet of Things. Hence we piloted an Summer Internship for University students to work on Connected devices, the newly announced focus of Mozilla.

Uber Inks MOU with Startup Incubator T-Hub

21 Sep, 2016

Cab aggregator Uber in a move to strengthen its path in the country, inked a pact with technology startup incubator T-Hub, set up by Telangana government, for UberExchange programme.