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Mr. Chandra Prakash Jha 09646056969
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Well connected by road (NH1), Railway and nearest airports Chandigarh & Amritsar
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Here actions are louder,words are bold,voices are melodies and pen!Well it was always mightier than the sword. Its high time to enter the funfair of most awaited awe strucking event of the year, Youth Vibe, exclusively by Vertos. This great Carnival, an amalgam of technology and fun is on its way and marks its whooping entry on 27th October.You will have it all to your choice,be it riddles of Tech nology or subtlety of unmatched creativity.It doesn’t depend on what taste you want to test because we are ready to serve you the concoction of the best. Youth Vibe 2015 will be a Roller Coaster ride from resonant,arguementative Debates to the sweet melodious solo performances,from hard core rock shows to vigorous cricket matches,from moves of a dancer to buzzer of a quizzer,from innovative picopter to intelligently planned business strategy,from angle of a photographer to expressions of an actor,from gala star night to global summit of social challenges,from classy autos of vintage era to fast and furious next generation sporties.All these in fusion with unmatched aura of Science and Technology will amuse your nerves. Along with such overloaded bundles of joy, the vibrancy of Incredible India and the sensation of appetizing cuisines from land transcending oceans will make you feel it much like a wonderland. So come and join us to bask together in this unlimited package of unflinching learning, fun and joy for 5 days.

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