Winter Training Program Cum Internship

Start Date: 04 Jan, 2016
End Date: 09 Jan, 2016
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Winter Training Program Cum Internship
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E-Smart Innovations
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Structures & Foundation workshop 2999 Per Individual. (10% Discount , Students who are going to pay before 22nd December)
Total Station & GIS workshop 4299 Per Individual. (10% Discount , Students who are going to pay before 22nd December)
Transportation Engineering & GIS workshop 3999 Per Individual. (10% Discount , Students who are going to pay before 22nd December)
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Vali 9063140444
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Venue: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
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About Fest:

SMART CIVIL is a division of E-SMART INNOVATIONS has coming up with Training Cum Internship Program for the Guys who envision to work in the area of Civil. As Truncated AP is going to have new structures and new movements around its Capital and along with the All round development of the state. Civil Engineers requirement state is very huge as of Now for our beloved state.

Winter Training Programs:

1. Structures & Foundation

Course Content for Structures:

∑ Introduction to Structural Engineering ∑ Analysis of different types of structural elements ∑ Theory of load resisting systems

∑ Load calculations for Dead, Live & Wind according to IS Codes ∑ Calculation of Earthquake Load using Seismic Coefficient

∑ Types of existing bridges and bridge design techniques

∑ Introduction to tall building systems

∑ Introduction to Different Types of existing bridges.

∑ Designing and analyzing the truss bridge using CAD model

∑ Fabrication of their respecting bridge using balsa wood and testing for the maximum load taken to measure efficiency ∑ Introduction to foundation engineering

∑ Design principles of footing conforming to Indian Standards

∑ CAD based analysis and design of isolated, combined and mat Footing

∑ Evaluation of different problem statements

∑ Case studies to illustrate the application of basic principles

* Group discussions and presentations

2. Total Station & GIS

Course content Lecture:

∑ Introduction to GIS and Surveying through interactive lecture sessions with good multimedia content

∑ Various real life applications of GIS and Total station

∑ Concepts of land surveying and GPS.

∑ Methodologies adopted and instruments used for surveying presently and in earlier days.

∑ Understanding several Surveying methods (like traverse, triangulation) to provide the control points.

∑ Case studies on application of GIS for better understanding.

∑ Exposure to industry trends and standards Practical session using Total Station:

∑ Participants will be given Hands on experience in using Total Station.

∑ They will be working in teams and perform survey operations using total station for a particular area.

∑ Different methods of data collection using Total Station.

∑ Downloading the data from Total Station to computer E-Smart Innovations SMART CIVIL

∑ Adjustment of the close traverse in planimetry by Bowditch method Practical session using GPS

∑ Participants will move along a specified route and plot important land mark along the route.

Practical session on CAD:

∑ CAD based plotting and mapping using data obtained from Total Station and GPS to create a Topographic map of area.

∑ Transformation of local data to global using affine transformation.

∑ Understanding the concept of Georeferencing.

∑ Projection of Map on Google Earth

3.Transportation Engineering & GIS  

Course content Transportation :

Lecture Session & Practical session:

o Introduction to transportation engineering and History.

o Role of transportation in society, Indian transportation systems.

o Brief concept involved in different modes of transportation.

o Analysis and design of different types of pavements

o Traffic Engineering: Fundamental parameters of traffic flow, Requirements, collection and analysis traffic data, various types of traffic facilities.

o Signal Phase Design of different intersections.

o Case studies on existing transportation methods used in engineering construction.

o This involves a project where Simulation software is used to create different scenarios.

o Design and evaluation of traffic signal implemented at different intersections.

o Data collection by Volume calibrations at nearby road intersection.

o CAD based analysis of road intersection using data collected to enhance efficiency.

Application of GIS  Lecture Session

o Introduction to GIS through interactive lecture sessions with good multimedia content

o real life applications of GIS concepts

o Concepts of land surveying and GPS

o Type of data collection and its manipulation. 

 o Introduction to Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

o Exposure to industry trends and standards E-Smart Innovations SMART CIVIL 

Practical session on CAD based mapping o Learn how to create Topographic mapping of area using a given set of data.

o Learn how to transform local data to global using affine transformation.

o Project your Map on Google Earth  Case studies of for better understanding 

This is followed by a Discussion about implementation of the knowledge gained to develop good Projects.


DURATION:  6 days Each day will be of 6 to 7 hours Session.

CERTIFICATION :Every student will be getting a Certificate from Internship Cell IIT.

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