Start Date: 21 Dec, 2016
End Date: 22 Dec, 2016
Registration Last Date: 20 Dec, 2016
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Techno Cultural
Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology
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VIVA VVIT 2016-17 0
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K. Sumanth 7993915201
P. Sai Sneha 7993915202
T. Yaswanth 7993915203
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EVENT LOCATION: VVIT Campus Nambur(V) Peda Kakani (M), Guntur(D) Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh Phone: +7993915 201/202/203/204 Email:
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About Fest:

VIVA VVIT 2016-17 is expected to be the largest Techno Cultural fest in Andhra Pradesh, based on the registrations that happened for 2015-16 Fest. This year lots more Technical and Cultural events are planned. Main theme of the event would be "Stronger Together" inspired by "Ek Bharath Shrest Bharath".

VIVA VVIT, a two day national level techno-cultural fest filled with loads of infotainment and an endeavour to provide a launchpad for all the young grizzlies to be involved in, to showcase their skills. The mahafest, a technical symposium amd this technical feet is made to blend with thunders of knowledge and rains of fun which makes a distinct phenomenan. The budding artists are provided with gilded things to symbolise achievement, liveliness and sheer the energy in unlocking potential. This avenue is ought to be comforted from the routine life with many sports, cultural, artistic, technical, literary, entertainment and many more to embrace fun embedded with tantalising performance. We promise you nothing but a two day infotainment.

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