Viva VVIT 15-16

Start Date: 21 Dec, 2015
End Date: 22 Dec, 2015
Registration Last Date: 21 Dec, 2015
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Fest Name:
Viva VVIT 15-16
Fest Type:
Techno Cultural
Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology
Not Specified
Not Specified
Not Specified
Event Name Event Fees
T-shirt painting 100
Face painting no fee
Theme painting no fee
Photo exhibition no fee
Dance classical-solo no fee
Dance Classical-dual no fee
Dance classical-theme no fee
Dance classical non-theme no fee
Dance folk theme no fee
Dance folk non-theme no fee
dance folk-solo no fee
dance folk-dual no fee
Dance western-theme no fee
Dance western non-theme no fee
Dance western -solo no fee
Dance western-dual no fee
Animation- spot design no fee
Animation- short animation no fee
Short films no fee
Music- Classical and folk no fee
Music- light music no fee
Music- western no fee
Music- instrumental solo no fee
Music- instrumental group no fee
Music-instrumental orchesra no fee
Dramatics- skit no fee
Mimicry no fee
Dramatics- mono action no fee
One minute video no fee
Literary- story telling no fee
Literary- creative writing no fee
Literary- group discussion no fee
Literary- mock parliment no fee
Literary- cross fire no fee
Literary- Kshanik no fee
Mr. & Ms. VIVA no fee
Telugu- padyalatho'ranam' no fee
Telugu-Vyasa rachana no fee
General quiz no fee
Elocution no fee
Project exhibition(all depts) no fee
Paper presentation(all depts) no fee
Poster presentation(all depts) no fee
Technical quiz(all depts) no fee
100 mts. Sprint boys no fee
100 mts. Sprint girls no fee
400 mts. Race boys no fee
400 mts. Race girls no fee
Long jump boys no fee
Long jump girls no fee
Shot put boys no fee
Shot put girls no fee
Disc throw boys no fee
Disc throw girls no fee
Volley ball boys no fee
Kho kho boys no fee
Throw ball girls no fee
Tennikot girls no fee
Chess boys no fee
Chess girls no fee
Carroms boys no fee
Carroms girls no fee
Table tennis boys no fee
Table tennis girls no fee
Name Email Id Contact Number
R.Ravi Teja 9989615588
Ch. Nagesh 9441025981
R. Krupa Rakshan 9573081430
Reach College:
Gollamudi Road, Pedakakani Mandal, Guntur District, Nambur, Andhra Pradesh 522508
Accommodation Details:
Accommodation is provided to all the students for free and a caution deposit of 500 is taken and returned back. Instructions: 1. A Causation Deposit of 500/- is mandatory. 2. Bonafide certificate and ID Cards are mandatory. 3. Consumption of liquor or any other intoxicant is strictly prohibited. If the participant is found in possession of any of the intoxicants, his/her registration will be cancelled, he/she shall be expelled immediately. 4. All the students have to leave the rooms for events by 7:30 am sharp on both the days. 5. Male participants are not allowed to enter any of the girl’s accommodation and vice versa. 6. Those who indulge in eve–teasing will have to face serious consequences. It may even lead to lodging of criminal complaints along with the blacklisting of college. 7. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Campus. 8. Nobody is responsible for theft or loss of any belongings. 9. All the participants are requested not to leave any valuables/money unattended. 10. No Entry to restricted places on campus. 11. Students should vacate the room by 10:00 am on 23rd Dec.
Fest Guests:
Dr. Ramesh Babu garu, M.D of Ramesh Hospitals
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About Fest:



VIVA VVIT, a two day national level techno-cultural fest filled with loads of infotainment and an endeavour to provide a launchpad for all the young grizzlies to be involved in, to showcase their skills. The mahafest, a technical symposium amd this technical feet is made to blend with thunders of knowledge and rains of fun which makes a distinct phenomenan. The budding artists are provided with gilded things to symbolise achievement, liveliness and sheer the energy in unlocking potential. This avenue is ought to be comforted from the routine life with many sports, cultural, artistic, technical, literary, entertainment and many more to embrace fun embedded with tantalising performance. We promise you nothing but a two day infotainment.

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20 Dec, 2015 11:27 pm
Fest samachar wishes VIVA VVIT 2015 a grans success.

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