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Vignan University
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Spoorthi (Project Expo) Not Specified
Technical Quiz Not Specified
Paper Presentation Not Specified
Mock CAT, GATE & GRE Not Specified
X-Box Gaming-CSE dept Not Specified
Robo Soccer - Mechanical Dept Not Specified
Work shops Not Specified
Robo rodentia Not Specified
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A Raghunath(convener) 9493487074
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Vignan University Vadlamudi Guntur-522213 phone:+91863-2534645
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About Fest:

Vignan Mahotsav 2k14, is a national level mega youth fest was held from 9th to 11th of January. It was held by Vignan University in co - ordination with Vignan’s Lara and Vignan’s pharmacy colleges. The unique feature of mahotsav is that all the responsibility was taken by the students of all branches who worked collectively making it a big hit. A hearty welcome was given to the students from the other colleges. Various help desks were provided to help the outsiders in knowing the event schedules. The accommodations were provided to the students inside the campus itself. The interesting fact about this mahotsav is the theme “SAVE WOMEN & SAVE GIRL CHILD”.Let us be proud to reveal the fact that Vignan mahotsav is ISO certified. More than 100 events were organised all by the planning of the students’ right from the beginning to the end. We had more than 15,000 students who participated in various events of the mahotsav and all the winners were presented with momentous and cash prizes. We had the technical, Telugu, inquisitive and entertainment quiz as to improve the general awareness of the students. During the quiz everyone from participants to the audience showed high levels of enthusiasm and alertness. There was an active participation in the cultural events from different colleges. Stating the importance of our customs and traditions the natraj and roots performances were captivating .The mime, spot light and ad making were all entertaining. It showed the spontaneity of the students to react to a situation given to them at that particular time. The lite music filled the air with sweet voices pushing everyone into a devotional mood. The Mr and Miss Mahotsav, though a sinewy competition was amusing both for the audience and the participants. The fine arts like rangoli, clay moulding, soapart were all beautiful. Girls and boys actively participated in rangoli, showcased their artistic skills in a real colourful manner and decoration with flowers adding life to it. The opening for the valedictory function was fantabulous, vividly expressing that our culture, traditions and beliefs are the most valued. Sports events were the soul to the entire Mahotsav. They grabbed the attention of a huge crowd of audience. Indoor games like table tennis, chess and sports like athletics were marvellous. Students participated with great enthusiasm to prove their sportsmanship. The sports like volley ball, kabbadi and basketball were a sensation. Students from different colleges ardently participated. A great support and encouragement by the audience lifted up the spirits of the players to an extreme level. Apart from regular stage performances a flash mob was performed to entertain the students. The informal events added grace to the Mahotsav. Also the mock tests for GRE, CAT, GPAT, GATE were conducted to help the students to get acquainted to the paper pattern and to analyse themselves to what level they are ready to face the challenge. The guests suggested in common to the students to take an opportunity to learn life skills, team spirit and leadership qualities to be creative and successful in life.

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