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IIT Kanpur
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Ideas, the Business Plan competition Not Specified
iARC - International Autonomous Robotics Challenge Not Specified
Robo Pirates - A thriling Aquarobotics Mission Not Specified
Wild Soccer - Wild robots on Soccer field Not Specified
Quest For The Rest - Image Processing Competitions Not Specified
BEIA - Sky Sparks - Wireless remote controlled aircraft flying competition Not Specified
Cruise Control - RC Internal Combustion plane flying competition Not Specified
Impulse - Water propelled rocket competition Not Specified
Multirover - Quad-copter Flying competition Not Specified
Hover Rush - Hovercraft racing Not Specified
IDEAS - Business plan competition Not Specified
Battlefield - Case study competition Not Specified
Stocksim - Stock market simulation Not Specified
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Aksshat Goel 9198705530
Mohd. Ibrahim Faruqi 7275775086
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Techkriti is the annual inter-collegiate Technical and Entrepreneurship festival organized by the students of IIT Kanpur. Techkriti was launched in 1995 with the aim of developing interest and encouraging innovation in technology among students. In 2009, Megabucks (the Business and Entrepreneurship festival of IIT Kanpur) was merged with Techkriti, recognizing the increasing interdependence of business and technology. In twenty years of its existence, Techkriti has evolved and grown, fulfilling its purpose and becoming one of the most eagerly-awaited college technical as well as entrepreneurship festivals in Asia. Techkriti culminates into a grand four-day festival, attracting footfall of over 25,000 from all over India and even abroad. The festival comprises of a plethora of events from talks by eminent personalities in the field of science, technology and entrepreneurship.A wide range of competitions in diverse fields of Robotics, Computer Sciences and Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Pure Sciences, Civil Engineering, Aerospace and Astronomy are hosted every year in Techkriti. This year, Techkriti'14 will present a plethora of events including Robogames, Indian Open Rubik's Cube, Ideas, Techkriti Grand Prix, Tremor, Sky Sparks, Radioactive and many more. Techkriti'14 has planned to cover various new avenues by conceptualizing events like Robo Pirates (Aqua-Robotics), Multirovor (Quadrocopter), Richie Rich (Portfolio Optimization), Marketing Villa, Bridge Design Challenge and many others.

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