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Techno Cultural
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Mr. and Mrs. Takshashila NA
Name Email Id Contact Number
Mr. Raj Prakash rjprakash17@gmail.com 9551419472
Mr. Harish R radhaharish2010@gmail.com 9600068751
Reach College:
Chennai Institute of Technology, Sarathy Nagar, Kundrathur, Chennai 600 069. Transport will be arranged from kundrathur to college for visitors.
Accommodation Details:
Accomodation will be provided to participants who are non-residents of Chennai. Contact: Mr. Harish R, 9600068751, radhaharish2010@gmail.com
Fest Guests:
Singer Krish and band NSK Ramya Vijay TV fame "Kalaka Povathu Yaaru" team Vijay TV fame "Super Singers" and a happening Lead Actor.
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About Fest:

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Chennai Institute of Technology , Kundrathur, Chennai, is a young, dynamic, vibrant Seven year old Engineering Institute built not with Stones and mortar but with the hope of Entertaining Engineering in the young minds of Indian Sub-continent. Our College, even being very young has achieved a lot both in Academics and Placements. The vision of our college is "Engineering Engineers for aspiring careers with a sharp focus on technical brilliance and industry relevance".

But Engineering is of course not just Technical, it has a lot to do with the cultural aspects as well. So Here Comes the Grand Event "Takshashila 2017" a techno-cultural Festival on March 16, 17, 18 2017. We have packed our Festival with Fun-filled events as well as Mind-sharpening events to benefit the Visitors and Participants coming to our Event. Cultural events are as listed below and forget not, There are a lot of Surprise Events waiting for you. Speaking of the Benefits to the Tech - Enthusiasists we have arranged Workshops from our Centers of Excellence, visit http://www.citchennai.edu.in/ for additional details. In addition to that, Workshops and Technical Quizzes and Technical events will be conducted by industries such as Bonfiglioli, Atalon, Pega, Axion 3d printing, etc., For the cultural loving Individuals we have Dance competition, singing, photography, Music competition, Painting etc ( Check the list of Events for the details). But Not just that we will be having a lot of Celebrities to Entertain every single visitor without fail.
The main cause of the festival is that the funds generated by this festival will be used for the goodwill of Farming community. we do this by three phases, we support them by providing financial support, we support them by providing educational support, by giving them seats to the deserving children from the farmer families. we support them by providing them technological support to make their daily work easier.
So don't forget to grab a place in this Mega event.

Event Caption:

Seed The Future 

Event Theme:

Tamil Nadu Heritage

Events List in TAKSHASHILA 2017, Chennai:

Dance competition ( 4 events)
Musical and Singing ( 2 events)
Painting ( 4 events)
I'm Nerdy ( 3 events)
Photography ( 3 events)
Theater ( 3 events)
Literary English ( 6 events)
Literary Tamil ( 2 events)
Variety shows ( 4 events)
Gaming ( 4 events)
Sports ( 3 events)
Lifestyle ( 2 events)
Mystery solving ( 2 events)
Online events ( 3 events)
Fashion ( 2 events)



Workshops in Chennai:

CIT - KUKA (Industrial Robotics Training Centre)
CIT - HARITA (CAD / CAM designing)
CIT - PEGA ( Cloud computing)
CIT - MOBITICS (Mobile App development)
CIT - TEKLA ( Building construction and simulation)
For more details visit : - http://www.citchennai.edu.in/

In addition to that workshops will be conducted by Industries as listed below :-
and few more.....

TAKSHASHILA 2017 Pro Shows :

Singer Krish and band NSK Ramya Vijay TV fame Kalaka povathu yaaru team Vijay TV fame Super Singers.

TAKSHASHILA 2017 Fest Guests:


TAKSHASHILA 2017 Registration Fees :

Registration can be done on the event's official website
Spot Registration is also possible at the time of the event.

Since the main cause of the program is to benefit the farming community, we have introduced the concept of Contributions instead of ticketing.

The entry for the festival is free but however the visitors may contribute in the range of Rs. 200, Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 5000.

But is it MANDATORY for the PARTICIPANTS to pay for the event prior to the event.

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