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Techno Management
IIT Madras
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Event Name Event Fees
AWS Drone Delivery Challenge Free
Boeing - IIT National Aeromodelling Competition Free
Hovercraft Racing Free
Aero's Got Talent Free
Brandwars 2.0 Free
Big Data Challenge Free
Optimo Free
Start Up Wars Free
Consigliere Free
The Number Thing Free
Shaastra Programming Contest Free
Reverse Coding Free
BrainSqueeze Free
J.A.R.V.I.S. Free
IBM Build Your Bot Free
AWS Deep Learning Workshop Free
Junkyard Wars Free
Manual Robotics Free
Fire N Ice Free
Robowars Free
Robo Oceana Free
Elec Kart Free
SparkOn Free
Ethical Hardware Hacker Free
Raspberry Pi for IoT Free
Research and Innovation Expo Free
Indian Railway Design Challenge Free
Vaayu Shakti Free
Agni-Neers Free
Smart City Challenge Free
Puzzle Champ Free
How Things Work Free
Shaastra Cube Open Free
Shaastra Main Quiz Free
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Mohammed Suhail 7869258563
Prathudhar B 8074938946
Prateek Mishra 9840297445
Divya K Raman 9840469700
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About Fest:

IIT Madras presents Shaastra 2018!

Shaastra is the annual technical festival of IIT Madras. It is the largest technical fest of its kind in India and has the distinction of being the first ISO 9001:2008 certified student-organized event in the world.

As always, Shaastra aims to grow and evolve into a technical festival which involves everyone; be it budding engineers, young entrepreneurs, future policy makers or even technocrats. The underlying philosophy of Shaastra is to promote creative thinking and to showcase innovative technology and this is being upheld through various channels.

For the ones with the exceptional analytical skills and the passion towards creating an impact, Shaastra 2018 brings you Business Fest, a collection of various events dealing with the real-life corporate world situations.

Right from dealing with BigData to Operations Management we got it all. Make sure you are ready to wear the Manager's cap for the exciting challenges.

To most people, the sky is the limit. But for those who love aerospace, the sky is home. To all the aerospace lovers out there, Shaastra 2018 brings you Aerofest, a collection of aerospace-related events.

Research is to see what everybody has seen and to think what nobody has ever thought.Yes, we present you the plethora of events that will help you see latest interventions in technology and make you think what nobody has ever thought through intense research-oriented events in store. 

From National Research Conference to Paper Presentations to solving Industrial Problems, we have it all!

Ever thought of conquering the world of Robotics?
What if your bot could help doing that!!
Fascinated in building bots?
Do challenges intrigue you?
What if both are at the same place!!

Shaastra brings you the De$!gn & Build!!!
Be the best! b'coz that's what u deserve!
This is the chance to give Life to your imagination. Build your bots which break all the norms, we provide the platform to showcase your talent.
So push yourself to the maximum possible extent and discover your capabilities!!

Enthusiastic about puzzles or quizzes? You've come to the right place. Take part in the amazing speedcubing competition affiliated to WCA and break world records, show off your immense knowledge in the quizzes or destroy puzzles with your logic, we've got everything to keep you involved. And to top it all off, there are huge prizes to be won.


Often asked, what is the best drone? In search of answers, we bring you the drum roll event. With the search open to all acts of drones, Aero's Got Talent showcases unique performances from all over India. Participants from all corners gather at Shaastra with their drones to put up a performance to impress a panel of judges. This is a celebration of creativity and talent, featuring novel designs, great applications, expert flying skills, pure crowd entertainers, and yes, the X-factor. The winner gets a grand prize as well as bragging rights on what can be called the 'best drone' of them all.

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