Seminar On Power Electronics

Start Date: 29 Jan, 2014
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Seminar on Power Electronics
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Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women
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Power electronic converters are expected to play a major role in the conversion of alternative energy sources and interfacing them with the power grid or any stand alone loads. Therefore, new and highly efficient power electronic technologies in conjunction with appropriate control strategies are still needed to reduce massive waste of energy and to improve the grid power quality. Power electronics have found widespread applications in renewable energy and in industries. They are used in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry, in the cement industry, in water pumping stations, in traction applications, utility systems, and many other areas. Hence, the installation of properly controlled high power drives can significantly reduce energy losses, the total drive costs, and improve power quality. Photovoltaic, thermal solar, and Fuel Cells are important energy sources for India. Wind power is an auxiliary energy source that could be used to compensate for the absence of PV power. Having a high potential of solar energy and a reasonable amount of wind, India should invest in developing and utilizing green solar and wind energy renewable power plants. By integrating these renewable energy sources with proper electric energy storage, a reliable and efficient hybrid renewable electric power plant can be built.

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