RIO+24 IDRC 2018 India Program; Join As CA For The Most Critical UN Initiative

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RIO+24 IDRC 2018 India Program; Join as CA for the most critical UN Initiative
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RIO+24 IDRC 2018 India Program; Join as CA for the most critical UN Initiative
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RIO+24 IDRC 2018 India Program; Join as CA for the most critical UN Initiative None
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IARC launched the prestigious RIO Program (2012-2022) during the Rio+20 Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The launch was underpinned by the United Nations call, To Create the Future We Want. Over the years, RIO program has attracted participation from the best of institutes across India. It consists of courses, lecture series and workshops.


The Organization

IARC | Centre for United Nations (ICUN) is an international organization which works closely with United Nations initiatives. ICUN promotes UN initiatives in the context of Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development A/RES/70/1.

RIO+24 IDRC 2018 India Program

Rio+24: War & Peace is about the most critical United Nations initiative, International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022). Rio+24 IDRC 2018 India Program is the fifth instalment of the prestigious RIO Program.

The Opportunity

Join as a Campus Ambassador to become a part of this most critical UN initiative....

We are looking for enterprising college students across India with a knack for people interactions and leadership aspirations. Your primary role comprises of driving awareness of UN IDRC and coordinating activities & programs related to IDRC.

Apply now to become an ambassador for the prestigious RIO+24 2018 IDRC India Program.



  • Earn certificates with official logos of ICUN, IDRC and IDPAD
  • Become a part of an elite group of student leaders. 
  • We offer rebates and global recognition to Ambassadors.
  • Over the years, ICUN Ambassador roles has proven to improve leadership skills and boost career prospects

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