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Established in 1964, initially as the School of Paper Technology, the Saharanpur campus of I.I.T Roorkee has come a long way in the fifty years of its existence and has succeeded in establishing its identity as an institution of excellence. Pravaah is a celebration which would commemorate these fifty years of the campus and would in fact be a celebration of the spirit of this campus. Scheduled to be inaugurated on the 12th of October with an event, which apart from highlighting the distinct achievements of the campus over the years, would also embark on the contributions of the various members of the faculty who have made the campus what it is, Pravaah would comprise a myriad of events held within an interval of 1-2 months. These would primarily include technical events like workshops and guest lectures from eminent people in the industry, an exclusive alumni meet that would bring back the years for the distinguished alumni of this campus, a socio-cultural event and an unprecedented international conference to boost research and industry-institute relations. Round the clock events like these would generate great fervour, inculcate a spirit of celebration within the campus populace as well as provide the students an invaluable opportunity to interact with some of the most established individuals in the field. ″Pravaah is not just a golden jubilee celebration, it is an ultimate expression of the technical and creative potential that this campus has stood for in the past fifty years.″

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