Start Date: 31 Jan, 2014
End Date: 01 Feb, 2014
Registration Last Date: 28 Jan, 2014
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IIIT Delhi
Not Specified
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Event Name Event Fees
Nirvana Nights: 1.Star Night 2.Battle of Bands 3.Band performance 4.Dance Performance 5.Stand-up Comedy Not Specified
Music and Dance: 1.Verve- solo dance 2.Battle Troupe- Group Dance 3.Encore- Solo singing 4.Acoustic Hymns- Acoustic music event Not Specified
Arts: 1.Artival- The art carnival 2.Imaginacion- Classical Painting competition 3.Captcha-Photography Competition 4.Dristikon- Poster Designing competition 5.Build your Brand Not Specified
Lifestyle and theatre:1.Mr. and Miss Odyssey 2.Reverbe- Fashion designing and modelling competition 3.Hasratein- Nukkad Natak 4.Proscenium- Classic play Not Specified
Literary and spoken arts: 1.Verbattle- Debating 2.Versify- poetry writing 3.Quizzing 4.Pun-ch line- The stand-up comedy competition Not Specified
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Ayushi Goyal odyssey14@gmail.com 9971967170
Kashish Chawla odyssey14@gmail.com 9013202751
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Nearest Metro Station: Govindpuri, Violet Line 5 minutes walk or pay Rs. 20 for Rickshaw to reach the campus
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Not Specified
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Not Specified
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About Fest:

We at IIIT-D believe that the essence of any cultural fest is to bring out new talent and showcase the diversity of different art forms. With this idea in mind we wish to start a long eventful journey of unearthing and unleashing the talent and vigour of each and every participant of our fest. Thus, after long hours of thinking and debating we came to the conclusion that this fest is no lesser than an odyssey, a long and eventful journey, for our college. An odyssey that would not only form a legacy for the forthcoming generations of participants but also carve a niche for itself in the arena of top cultural fests in India. And just as Andrew Lang quotes this eventful journey would be full of music, speech, dance, drama and a lot more so that each participating individual can feel free and showcase their hidden capabilities.

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