Start Date: 01 Oct, 2016
End Date: 01 Oct, 2016
Registration Last Date: 27 Sep, 2016
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Techno Cultural
Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering
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LBRCE Fest ( Includes access to all events ) Rs 250
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Dr. M. Uma vani 8333905790
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Kindly follow our official Lakshya website
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Not Specified
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About Fest:

A platform to transform thousands of innovations to inventions, An arena to show case thousands of talents,
A place to lace thousands of cogitations, A mob to daub thousands of contemplations,
A tender to ponder thousands of ideas, A mission to vision thousands of passions,
A presence to sense thousands of essence, A room to groom thousands of dispositions, 
A chance to glance thousands of cultures, A deal to feel thousands of zeal,
A quest to test thousands of zest, A need to meet thousands of dreams,
A meet to greet thousands of dexterity, A must check tech fest

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