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National Institute of Technology,Puducherry
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Chanthiraprabu 9486850501
Chandirasegaran 7200637607
Reach College:
National Institute of Technology, Puducherry (NITPY) is situated in Karaikal. NITPY is located on the National Highway NH45, at about 50 kms from Chidambaram towards south. The nearest domestic airport to our college is Puducherry Airport. The nearest International airport is Trichy International Airport. Bus Routes from Puducherry and Chennai pass through the College to reach Karaikal. From Karaikal Railway Station An auto can be hired for a fare of minimum Rs.100/- to directly reach the NITPY Campus. A share auto can be taken with a fare of Rs.5/- to reach Karaikal Bus Stand. A bus can be boarded for a very nominal fare of Rs.5/- to reach Karaikal Bus Stand. From Karaikal Bus Stand An auto can be hired for a fare of minimum Rs.40/- to directly reach the NITPY Campus. A Share Auto is available frequently and can be taken with a fare of Rs.5/- to reach the Campus. A bus can be boarded for a very nominal fare of Rs.5/- to reach NITPY Campus.
Accommodation Details:
All members of a team should register for accommodation individually. It is mandatory to bring your college ID card . Accommodation Charge will be Rs.100/- per day per person. Accommodation will start only from 18th of March 2016, 17:00 and should vacate the rooms before 23:59 on 20th March 2016. Please plan your travel accordingly.
Fest Guests:
Guest Talk - Kumar Rishav Gsocer, Open Source lover ,Web and App developer,Blogger, programmer. LOVE TO FIX BUG. Speaking Interest in talking about open source, Firefox OS, Gaia.Firefox OS Application developer and open source enthusiast. Love the mission of Open web and volunteering to take Mozilla's mission forward.Community builder and Speaker.Passionate about learning, Teaching and Evangelising.
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About Fest:

Technical Events:


The chef in the kitchen cooks enigma here. If midnight coffee and laptop decals are familiar sights for you,the racing heart beats until the button turns green are familiar feel for you then this is the place for you.Get ready to bring out the best in you coz it’s gonna require that.


"Hack me if you can"
Are you crazy about cracking things? How about exploiting? Can you hack? Here we are with an event to challenge your hacking ability! 
This event HACKTHON is for the curious hackers waiting to compete. Compete yourself with the best hackers in your locality


As a programmer, how often have you been annoyed by the mysterious fiends called bugs. Does the enigmatic 'segment fault' baffle your brain? If you think you have the patience and skill to spot a bug just like an eagle stalks its prey, then D’BUG C’BUG is the one for you !! Let your eyes flow through the code and let your brains discover the hidden bugs.
Get ready to spot the difference between good code and great code!!


Pros? Trust words more than graphics? Show us you can make the OS do anything from a single window. Display your proficiency in LINUX and Shell scripting.


Got a thing for maths?? Think you stand out from others when it comes to solving problems and finding logics?? Think you can convert the logic to an algorithm?? Then this is the perfect event for you. Put on your thinking glasses and coding gloves. Sharpen your brain and get ready.\


A spark may raise an awful blaze. Have you got that spark of inspiring awe in your mind?? Then here is your platform. ITyuktha invites you to ignite the world with your scintillating ideas. Hone your technical and presentation skills. Carve the world with your innovations. 


Think you know the difference between a good code and great code? Think you have the thing in you to turn a good code into a great code? Then, this is your event. 
Tap your feet to the rhythm of efficiency!!! 

Non-Technical Events:


Silent foot Steps,reloding gun,gush of nitrous.If all this is music to you then yo belong here at the gaming event.Cant you play football on field.So what? play here and feel the same pressure.Do you like cars but don't have a car .come here and show off your driving skills in a game.come to gaming event at Knosys'16 and check your gaming skills. 
Interested Students can register Onspot. NO online registrations for Gaming. 


Are you the one who look at a beautiful sunset as a frame? The one in the group who likes to be behind the camera than in front of it? Here is a chance to show your talents by capturing your favourite moment and show it to the whole world.


Wanna have a little fun? Like to make your interest into a competition? Here is a fun stuff for the groups out there who can show how cool they are with an awesome dubsmash.


Ever felt a Sherlock in you ? 
Do puzzles drive you crazy?
Have an eidetic memory?
Narrow down to this event!!
Get ready to find your way out of this Cobweb in one of the most trickiest quest for treasure.


Stressed after too much techno stuff? Need some relaxation? Then here it is. FUNROOM!!! Come, play, have fun and win exciting prizes. Games that you have not seen yet, tricks you have never tried before and gifts that are ready to be taken away.

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