Start Date: 26 Feb, 2015
End Date: 28 Feb, 2015
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Techno Cultural
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kartik saini, student convener cs.kartik@yahoo.com 07790959098
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Plot No. IS-2036 to 2039 Ramchandrapura, Sitapura Industrial Area Extn Near Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Vidhani Village, Jaipur 303 905, Rajasthan, India
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About Fest:

JECRC University proudly presents its national level techno cultural Fest ‘Ju-Rhythm’-15 to be held from 26thto 28th February, 2015. “JU-Rhythm 2015” is envisioned as best techno-cultural fest to bring out the talent and to explore the same in the budding students. The Fest is going to be a Mega three day fun filled techno-cultural event. It will cover popular events including Dance,Fashion show, Music, Singing, Painting, Quiz, Debate, LAN Gaming, Art, Pro-Expo and Robotic Events,rc-car,Robowar,Aeromodeling events etc.The objective of the fest is to promote youth culture, expand networking opportunities and to provide a platform for exchange of creative ideas and to channelize your students for the constructive social gathering, through a variety of contests and performances.The detailed information about the event is available on our website: www.ju-rhythm.com 1.Solo Singing 2.Instrumental 3.Antakshari 4.Band War 5.DJ War 6.Solo Dancing 7.Group Dance 8.Street Dance 9.Debate 10.Quiz 11.Just A Minute(JAM) 12.Poetry Writing Competition (Online Event) 13.Mimicry/Stand Alone Comedy 14.Skit/NukkadNatak 15.Treasure Hunt 16.Online Photography 17.Spotlight- Fashion Show 18.Copy Cat 19.Thumb Painting 20.Roadies 21.Slow Biking 22.Brushes- On The Spot Painting 23.Rangoli 24.Cartooning 25.Face Painting 26.Collage Making 27.Aero Modelling Events a.Aero Junkies b.Lift Master c.Sky Trooper d.Woody Flakes 28.Applied Engineering Events a.Bridge-O-Mania b.Code Blast 29.LAN Gaming a.Counter Strike b.Fifa c.NFSMW 30.Robotics Events a.Line Follower b.Maze Solver c.RC Cars d.RoboSoccer e.RoboWar Pro f.RoboWar Rookie 31.Sci-Fi Events a.Pro Expo

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