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Techno Cultural
IIT Jodhpur
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coordinator :Ashish Gambhir ignus@iitj.ac.in 8320258806
coordinator :Vineet Singh Chauhan ignus@iitj.ac.in 8112203223
workshops :ayyappa bhuma ignus@iitj.ac.in 9182289775
publicity : vishu bandari ignus@iitj.ac.in 7032368155
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IGNUS is the annual social-cultural-technical fest of IIT Jodhpur. IGNUS brings to you four days of exaltation and promises to have you forget all your worries through its exhilarating Rock shows, liberating classical performances, modish fashion shows, brain-storming quizzes, a plethora of informals, non-stop DJ dance floors and lots more with a collective prize money worth more than 10 lakhs. The tech events include Programming & Web-designing, Robotics & Electronics and Automobiles & Aero-modelling.These events scratch the young heads to come up with innovative designs and ideas and to prove their mettle in the domain. There are Gaming Events, Business Events and Quizzards too to recognize your real quest for perfection. Hold your adrenaline as you withstand the challenge with maestros of words flooded with thoughts and spontaneity, let your imagination run wild, get ready to exploit your intuitive skills. Groove to the enchanting tunes, there will be dance competitions both solo, group and also the most liked duet dances. Also, there will be music competitions both solo and group and nerve thrilling competition–Clash of Bands between rock bands.

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