Virtuoso 2K17

Start Date: 03 Mar, 2017
End Date: 04 Mar, 2017
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Virtuoso 2K17
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Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
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Event Name Event Fees
Virtuoso 2K17 For events ₹100/- Workshop(JAVA for NETWORKS)alone ₹200/-
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Mr.P.Karthikeyan 7708846875
Reach College:
Sathyamangalam is well connected by road from all major cities like Erode, Coimbatore, Mysore, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi etc., The nearest railway stations are Erode (65 Km) and Coimbatore (70 Km) Sathyamangalam-->Bannari Amman Institute of Technology-->IB Block -->Department of Information Technology
Accommodation Details:
Accommodation available ₹200/-
Fest Guests:
Not Specified
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About Fest:

Version 2.0 of VIRTUOSO is about to hit you all very hard,this time in a bigger and better package!!To explore THE GEEKY YOU..."HAPPY CODING..!!".

Events in Virtuoso 2K17,Erode

 Mobile app development contest

Web app development contest

Idea Presentation


Gazo Dezaina(multimedia)

Clash of Geeks (Specially for internal BIT'ans)

Workshop(JAVA for NETWORKS) 200/-

Non Technical Events(LAN Gaming,Treasure Hunt ....etc with many fun events)

Workshops in Erode: Workshop(JAVA for NETWORKS) ?200/-

Paper Presentation Topics: All innovative topics with social cause are welcomed (open to all departments)

Event Co-ordinators:

STAFF: Dr.M.Gunasekaran +91 9486564226


Mr.P.Karthikeyan +91 7708846875

Fest Mail ID:

Accommodation: Accommodation available 200/- Virtuoso 2K17

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