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National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
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Chandrasekar chandrasekar@festember.com 8056163055
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NIT-T is in Tiruchirapalli (also know as Trichy or Tiruchy). It is located about 22 km from Tiruchurapalli Jn / Central Bustand on the Trichy-Thanjavur Highway.The simplest and most economical way to reach NIT-T is by bus. Any city Bus at the Tiruchirapalli Jn will take you to the central bus stand. Board Thanjavur bound mofussiful or route bus. The journey time from Trichy will be around 30 minutes. Taxis may charge around Rs.400/-
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The die rolls again this September as enters Festember, one of South India’s largest cultural fete. And by large, we do mean large, what with the cornucopia of events and contest spoils to be raked. Its the time when the stages luster, speakers blare and cacophony reigns. Madness takes a new definition as moods coalesce, the ceilings drop and rules get crushed, so much so that even our moo crowds get tempted. And if you are expecting the usual rants on the fest being bigger and better....Well, you guessed it wrong. Its talk less and party more this Festember. Aaaaaand we mean it. Touchwood. Festember is the inter college cultural, literary and arts extravaganza of NIT, Trichy held in the month of September. Misconstrued as a "fest in September", the actual origins of Festember is "a fest to remember".

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