Start Date: 13 Feb, 2016
End Date: 15 Feb, 2016
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Delhi Technological University (Formerly DCE)
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Engifest No Fees
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Sagar Sharma sagarsh2015@gmail.com 9871968028
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Welcome to The Engifest, the brainchild of creativity, hard work and energy! Engifest is the annual intercollege cultural festival celebrated in DTU. It symbolizes everything what college life is about – and much more! From electrifying performances in the B.O.B. to death defying stunts in DirtX to heart wrenching onstage acting in the Rangmanch, Engifest symbolizes the potential and skill of the youth in today’s India. It started off as an outlet for students to display their creative talent and has grown into one of India’s largest student organized festivals. 

Engifest comprises of several interesting events covering a vast area of interest, so everyone is in for a treat! Sit back, relax and witness some of the most exciting events you will ever see!

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