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NIT Nagaland
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Rahul Singh publicityhead@ekarikthin.com 9089210549
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Kick start the summer with a carnival at NIT Nagaland, we are about to bring a spree named EKARIKTHIN which will dazzle every young spirits to enjoy our celebration of integrity of various cultural heritage of India. People from all over the country will be encouraged to come at a common platform and enjoy our laurels. This is the biggest Techno-Cultural fest ever in the history of Nagaland. It is anticipated that the Institute value and pivotal tag it holds will be realized in every nook and corner of Nagaland. We want to transform Nagaland in the pursuit of science and technology and Ekarikthin is the best platform that we can dream of.
Ekarikthin is an amalgamation of technology and culture and it promises to host a series of events in the festival. It aspires to cover all spheres of entertainment and sophisticated technology to boost the young buds and inspire the motivated learners for attaining a glistening bright career. Ekarikthin will also portray various cultures of India, even the maxim of “unity and diversity ” will put an impetus on the young folk to promote their own culture at a national level. Ekarikthin endeavours to eradicate disparity and seeks harmony. The series of events clearly would circumscribe on our noble intention of freedom, festival, endless fun and glory for eternity.
Ekarikthin is a name to stay in Nagaland and the alarming bells have started ringing when we take Ekarikthin to a global stage and make NIT Nagaland proud!!!!

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