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End Date: 17 Jan, 2015
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Techno Cultural
Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management
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Ankit Bhattacharjee contact@festsamachar.com 8961359838
Subhrojyoti Roy contact@festsamachar.com 9836378364
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Celsius is the Annual Techno-Sports-Cultural fest of CIEM. And as the years pass on, v have only become bigger and better. This year around, the temperature will rise like never before, and CELSIUS will soar high!!! With more than 30 events and 4 Celebrity nights this year, Kolkata will see a fest which which will match every fascination of yours! The sports events will be held from 6-10th Jan, the techincal and cultural events will be held from 11th-15th jan ,and the CELEBRITY NIGHTS will be held from 14th-17th. CELEB NIGHTS: 14th Jan: Lakkhichara, Danpitey, Intoxicated 15th Jan: Agnee 16th Jan: Euphoria 17th Jan: Sunburn FOR PASSES & REGISTRATION, CONTACT: Ankit Bhattacharjee: 8961359838 Subhrojyoti Roy: 9836378364 Hindol Bannerjee: 9804056526 Sintu Pal: 8391090772 Dev Mondal: 9038888992 Arjo Ghosh: 8961215276 Events in Kolkata :

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