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Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics
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U.V. Cricket Not Specified
Pottery Workshop Not Specified
Tatoo Making Workshop Not Specified
War of D.J's Not Specified
Fashion Show Not Specified
Acapella Not Specified
Treasure Hunt One Act Play Skit Not Specified
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Ameya Mondkar 9870086858
Prajakta Paradkar 9757263335
Abhishek Azis 9920754996
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Introducing an institution like Sydenham College insinuates recapitulating a history of 100 years of excellence, a history that is chequered as the history of modern India. Brouhaha hosts events ranging from Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Fine Arts to Informals and Tele-matches. The Inception of the festival dates back to 1985, when it was called Rainbow Lane then. And finally in 1993 we christened what was meant to be – Brouhaha. “Organized chaos” indeed, every year a joyous herd of students dedicated to making Brouhaha a way of life set out to make a difference in lives of students all over the city. It is not only an inter-collegiate festival but also a Platform for young Talent to showcase their abilities.

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