AAHAN 2014

Start Date: 15 Jan, 2014
End Date: 17 Jan, 2014
Registration Last Date: 15 Jan, 2014
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AAHAN 2014
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Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management
Not Specified
Not Specified
Not Specified
Event Name Event Fees
LEAD (a hunt for the best manager) Not Specified
Satta (the political event) Not Specified
Production House (marketing event) Not Specified
Treasure Hunt o Corporate Quiz Not Specified
Strategy making event o Rural sector management Not Specified
Mock stock Not Specified
International Short Film event Not Specified
Mise-en-scene (Film making event) Not Specified
Actor Hunt o RJ wars Not Specified
Night Football Not Specified
Box cricket o Athletics Not Specified
Volleyball Not Specified
Name Email Id Contact Number
Darshil Shah contact@festsamachar.com 9769830329
Reach College:
please do visit the website
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Not Specified
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Not Specified
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About Fest:

Aahan – the annual professional - based festival of SVKM’s Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management – is the pioneer of a culture that endeavours to go beyond the mindless monotony of regular college festivals. With a zest for the unusual, achieving excellence and offering the best is a constant aim. Aah?n combines the three streams of Media, Management and I.T. to form one formidable force to reckon. Ideas and inputs from eccentric minds tumble out as budding professionals aspire to surmount familiar odds. From events to participants, an assorted variety awaits one and all as we ideate to enthral and mesmerize. With events like L.E.A.D, Mise-en-scene, International Short Film Event and Aavishkar, Aah?n ensures novelty in all the events it offers. It provides you with exceptionally challenging platforms to portray your skills even as you learn newer aspects of your preferred fields; applying your knowledge has never been more baffling. With uniquely designed events for aspiring sports enthusiasts, photographers, journalists, ethical hackers and website makers, everyone gets the opportunity to discover the potential that lies untapped. This time around, we take you ‘Into The Mystic Vault’ as the exhilaration rises yet another notch higher. This will be a journey through shadow-ridden panoramas, through hidden secrets and through veiled vistas. A bridge that will take you from the known into the unknown. Beliefs will be shaken as we bring in the surprises. We have always wanted to put forth a distinctive experience and this mysterious labyrinth is sure to do that. See the secrets unravel, the questions answered and all the pieces complete the puzzle as we sneak up to the cacophony that will engulf you on January 15, 16 and 17, 2014.

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