University CanSat Challenge

Start Date: 23 Jun, 2017
End Date: 25 Jun, 2017
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University CanSat Challenge
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University CanSat Challenge 10000
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We are proud to present before you our event University CanSat Challenge 2016-17 which will be held in Bangalore, India. This is the second time this international event has been brought to the fore in India and to give students to work on model satellite missions. This is a multidisciplinary research project which draws different departments from the participating college. The project is based on to design the entire payload of a model satellite structure and the launch module and support to be provided by us. All forms of tracking and ground station telemetry would be carried out by them with our guidance both in hardware as well as software so that the participants get the required knowledge. This years’ concept relates to replicating the mars pre-colonization procedures enabling data gathering by your payload (landers) and data reception by your satellite (carrier). We are going higher and better this time.

                 This event is the an initiative taken by Antariksha Labs Division of ARDL (Applied Research & Development Laboratories) to bring the space culture to India which is mostly held by agencies like NASA, ESA, ISRC in their respective countries. The event is widely accepted and praised in the entire globe as it’s a great platform for students to learn about space technology and interact with partnered organizers. Other procedures like mentoring, preliminary design review, critical design review, post flight review will be carried as planned and each team will be guided by experienced candidates like from your lab and other organizations. This would be a wonderful opportunity for your college to have some visibility in front of an audience which would enhance your position of your college in space research technology and propose future missions to the aerospace agencies of India. 

Last year's event was judged by esteemed scientists from ISRO and Asteria Aerospace Ltd. We hope to make a bigger mark this year by going even bigger and better. Hope to see you all at the event. To register for the event you can use the following link: 

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