Le Gala - National Law School, Bangalore's Literal And Cultural Fest

Start Date: 01 Apr, 2016
End Date: 03 Apr, 2016
Registration Last Date: 24 Mar, 2016
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Le Gala - National Law School, Bangalore's Literal and Cultural Fest
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National Law School of India University, Bangalore.
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Arunima Singhal culcomm@nls.ac.in 09466061600
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About Fest:

National Law School of India University is back with the 17th edition of its literary and cultural fest, Le'Gala. This year’s fest, scheduled for April 1-3, 2016, boasts a line-up of literary and cultural events unrivalled anywhere in terms of number, variety, standard of participation and quality of organization. The prize money is generous and the competition intense. During the whole duration of the event, participants will have the opportunity to shrug off the daily hassles of college life and enter into a world of greater opportunity; to discover the dancer in them, at our solo, group and on spot adaptation categories in the genres of Western, Classical and Semi-classical; where the shy bathroom singer could make the stage come alive, in our solo, group and instrumental music categories in the genres of Western and Eastern, and who can forget A Cappella!; where your inner drama queen can be unleashed at Mad Adz, Mime, Movie Spoofs and Street Play; where you can go back to those preschool days by grabbing a bunch of paints and seeing where your artistic streak takes you, in events like Rangoli, Papercraft, Face Painting, Mehendi, Graphic Humour, Doodling and Painting; unleash the fashionista within with the famous LeGala fashion show - RampArt! (psst: The first edition of the fashion show was won by Deepika Padukone and here’s where she first made the news, so who knows? This could be your gateway to stardom); and an Open Mic, where you can let your stand up and poetry talent roam free.

These are just the cultural events, and LeGala would be incomplete without the literary events, such as Author Talk, where an interaction is held with a prominent author or poet; a competitive, general Quiz; Turncoat, where you argue both sides; Poetry writing and recitation; a JAM; and a host of fun games, like Picto, a Scrabble tournament, 20 Questions and a unique take on a classic, Literary Snakes and Ladders.

A B-Plan competition (rather, a variation of it) requiring the participants to develop and conceptualize an idea or product touching upon aspects of technology, design, social benefit and regulatory frameworks is also being organized as NLS's first legal Hackathon. (Feel free to e-mail us at ecell@nls.ac.in to get a primer for the Hackathon.) To add to the mental stimulation, we're also introducing E-Poch, a conference which showcases the work and lives of enterprising individuals who have transformed communities and created spaces of innovation through a series of interactive talks with them. 

At a fest, you have the opportunity to meet all kinds of new people, but often it remains just that, an opportunity. To combat this and make the opportunity real so you walk away having made real connections, LeGala will feature a Bonfire Night, where participants can come and indulge in interactive, non-competitive activties and generally break the ice. This is after you have spent the day at our Back to School carnival! Running all 3 days, it features ways to chill between and after events that you shouldn’t miss, themed in such a way as to pull at your heartstrings, reminding you of those carefree, simpler days of school, featuring amazing food and a host of exciting informal events and whacky games. Finally, last but not least, on the last night we have the LeGala Ball! Dress up and show off, and once you're done with that, get ready to dance in the dark at the Blacklight Party, where we let the glow-in-the-dark night take us all the way to a legen-waitforit-dary party!


Kindly send an email to culcomm@nls.ac.in on or before March 24, 2016 with the following details if you wish to get a link to the registration form for LeGala, or for further details:

·         Name of the University/Institution:

·         Which events do you wish to participate under?

·         Do the participants require accommodation?  

You can follow our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/LeGalaNLSIU) to know more about our online Visual Verse and Dubsmash contests and for further updates.  

Hoping to see you at LeGala 2016! 


Arunima Singal,


Cultural and Fine Arts Committee, NLSIU



Kavya Gupta,


Cultural and Fine Arts Committee, NLSIU





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