Campus Samachar


11 Nov, 2015

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are autonomous public institutes of higher education, located in India. The establishment of IIT’s started in the year 1951 at Kharagpur. IIT institutions have been developed with a goal to make India a developed country by making energetic, dynamic and world class engineers. Today, the IITs continue to be a hub of excellence, serving both the society and industry with innovative solutions for current problems.

Life Of KLUian in The KLU bY KLUian

11 Nov, 2015

Jawaharlal Nehru once said that "If it is all well with University then it is all well with the nation" I am now going to write about one such University which is my alma mater KL University I have completed my Masters from this university even though I have spent only 2 years in the campus but I have seen the entire concept of education in a different perspective being a Masters student gives an individual a special kind of position where he or she can evaluate any matter of education in both ways 1 through the students Eyes and the other through the eyes of the faculty because Masters is one such thing you are no more a student as well you are not a lecturer well with this kind of superpower in hand I had observed many things out of which I share with you now a few

How student activities or clubs in colleges help student in real life..!!!

11 Nov, 2015

Student activities play a vital role in every college student's helps in overall development of a student....It helps to build self confidence,communication skills and personality development for every individual..such sort of activities create lot of encouragement to students and in turn these will help to reduce stage fear....these kind of activities will bring out the actual potential of a person ...they add lot of extra benefits for every individual....!!! "Billions Of Thoughts....Millions Of Ideas.....Thousands Of Dreams.....Hundreds Of Talents...But With Single Zest To ShowCase Their Flair And Share Their Cognition"