Campus Samachar

Future of Internet

11 Feb, 2016

The great Bill Gates spelled once “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”, yes he was right in his saying because the present generation saw the boom of internet. Slowly and steadily internet attracted

Caste system in India

11 Feb, 2016

If we go back to our past, India is well known and has rich culture background comprising of different categories of people, wearing different dresses, speaking different languages etc. The level of diversity we constitute is the world’s 2nd largest democracy.

Successful people Vs Unsuccessful people

01 Feb, 2016

It’s your daily activities which create your future. If you are looking ahead for positive future then you have to plan for good habits in your daily life. I know it’s not necessarily a walk in the park to develop wise and desirable habits, but with

Indian Culture Vs Western Culture

20 Jan, 2016

This topic is always questionable, yet there is no perfect answer which culture is the best culture. Indian and Western culture are followed in different parts of India and they are different from each other. Indian culture refers to the traditions, religions and the rules which

Impact of Media on Society

07 Jan, 2016

Media plays an important role in our society today. Media has continuously infuse and defined society and has leading technology. Media is everywhere today from the shows we watch on television, the books and magazines we read daily and the music we listen on radio.

The Flagship Summit@ VIZAG

04 Jan, 2016

Sunrise AP Vizag Partnership Summit 2016 is the gigantic event organized by CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) with partnership of state government and Union ministry of commerce

Role of Mother is 70 times stronger than the father

23 Dec, 2015

I could get my great pitch and strongly spell that “Women is always great than men”. In my opinion I support the above topic because Mothers love can’t be replaced by any other love. Mother not only known for her care, she is known for her love showered on her children and bringing them up in their lives.

Digital India

22 Dec, 2015

Admire “Digital India” turn every second of your life into Digital. It was on 1stJuly 2015 enthusiastic “Digital India” program was launched at Indira Gandhi Indore stadium Delhi. From 1st July -7th July it is Digital week to the entire Indian people. Digital India is interlinked with various sectors such as IT, agriculture, Education etc. in order to

Appearance Doesn’t Show Everything Attitude Matters

15 Dec, 2015

Do you ever think of me….? Me… Blackboard plays a vital role in everyone’s life. My presence is found in every Educational Institution. If you glance at me I appear as a “Negro” but I have much importance in educational field. I’m very essential to the students because I am the store house to import knowledge.

Impact of politics on students

14 Dec, 2015

Student politics is one of the most discussed topics today. Whether the students should take part in political activities is a subject drawing difference of opinion. Some of the eyes say yes students must take part in the politics. According to the positive eye they strongly spell that “Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens”. Students are the only intelligent ones which sense the exact future happenings.