Campus Samachar

I don’t have to end like this

07 Sep, 2016

Third leading cause of death in today’s youth is Suicide. Along with many other things in the world today, it can be prevented. It is being a big issue for teenagers. Weather its hanging yourself, slitting your wrists, or even shooting with a gun either way you’re its suicide. A lot of teens are forced suicide by complications in the home at school and even disagreement with themselves

Social Media is used to Impact people not to impress

14 Jun, 2016

Social media seems to play obligatory part of people’s life around the world. Social media has taken the world by cyclone through dozens of mobile apps, websites, and other forms of technologies improving the way people

Texting + Facebook = Textbook

10 Jun, 2016

In today’s world, technology has tremendous domination on our life and time. In early 90’s when electronic devices were not invented, people would use printed papers, posters, magazines, Newspapers etc in order to gather information. Later, in the mid-20th century, the use of computers, televisions and radios helped people to know about the incidents happening all around the world, more easily.

Just a Women who decided to go with it

10 Jun, 2016

There are days when women in India were bounded to four walls of their homes and their colossal potential and strength remained unrecognised and unaccounted for. But now it’s not the case in Present India, Women


02 Jun, 2016

For many hundreds of years, women have strived for gaining equality with men. Because of the fact that they are women they have been held back and their opportunities taken away.

Women Empowerment in India

02 May, 2016

What is Women Empowerment? It can be defined in very simple words that it is making women so powerful so that they can take own decisions regarding their lives and wellbeing in society and the family. Women Empowerment in India has become a burning issue all over the world including India since last few decades. The

Lager n Barrel Festival Exclusively for Beer Lovers

10 Apr, 2016

Do you know ? This is North India's First Beer Festival .The city's first beer festival ranging from late afternoon through the night, offering a diversity of beers available for tasting and purchase intends to ensure that the festival goers experience full flavor of life through enriching music acts, lovable activities, delicious food and endless beer.

Dangerous Road Users

10 Mar, 2016

Road safety is most important and common topic which has been added to various fields like social awareness, education etc in order to bring awareness in public especially new age group people. Road safety is very necessary while being on the road and

Love Native country than other countries (Brain Drain)

29 Feb, 2016

In simpler language Brain Drain is people who study in their own nation and after study they locomote to foreign countries to work and earn money.According to a UN definition, the flight of talent that is required for a country’s development to another country is called brain drain. It has actually bec

Life without Modern Gadgets

15 Feb, 2016

It is very hard to live without modern gadgets in today’s life style. Now look into this very deeply and understand this. Although there are many negatives to be seen on the