The effect of a parent teacher or friend on your life

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The effect of a Parent teacher or a friend on one’s life is enormous. A parent has subtle impact on our lives and he/she becomes our role model.

Our tutors are the ones who serve as parents in the school. They comfort us exploring our own talent. They are helping us find out our individual aptitudes.

Our parents are the ones who take care of us in homes and mentor us to the appropriate path for our future. Parents teach us right from wrong.  They leadership us by teaching us how to do things, such as cleaning, cooking, brushing teeth, and many more. This affects us a lot in our self-esteem. Our parents have the authority to take good care of us in our home.

Coming to our friends they are the ones who help us in deal with our problems which we cannot solve alone and help us when we are in need of something. They add us with laughter in schooling.

Our parents influenced us by teaching us how to interpret the world in our early years and downstream teach us to determine between right and wrong. The impact of teachers influences the way I think and that I should begin to believe my individual calling rather than just listening to whatever my parents utter. Teachers influence our lives by presenting a different approach to thinking and performing things. They guide us to choose what we aspire to be. Through experience, friends affect your life a lot.

Parents, tutors, and friends have made us into what we are at present. They have contributed to what I know now, and influenced me about the things I like and those that I do not like. These individuals can symbolically transform our entire life because we really have strong hope them. Whenever I have a difficulty, I turn to them and ask their guidance, which can potentially transform my entire life.

Friends also play a vital role in constructing our character. Friends, unlike parents and teachers, can influence us either positively or negatively. It is considered that bad friends collapse good character. In my early years, my parents taught me to stay close to friends who have good character, for example, those who do not lie, steal, fight or do anything wrong. At first, I could not actually appreciate the idea behind it until when I was a teen. I remembered the teaching and guidance I was given by my parents, and it really helped me.

I used to suppose that if I have friends with bad conduct I would just continue friendship with them so long as I do not follow their character. However, I came to figure out that their behaviors have influence in my conduct and character.


In conclusion, many people influenced the life of every individual but amid them the roles of teachers and parents are more important than others. They demonstrate children how to live and defeat problems. Like every relationship, the relationship between a parent and a teacher is charmistic and has influence on a child. What an individual does affect the other person, but the child is the most impacted person in this case. What teachers and parents need to grasp is that academic success is related to many aspects of life: the need to learn, the self-perception of the child, and the aptitude of teacher and parents to hold him in a manner that identifies the needs and interests of the child and inspires him from within. Therefore, Parents, teachers and friends contribute a big part of us.