Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.

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Technology is making the world a new place. What would result if your computer ended working? What about if you forget whereabouts of your cell phone? These scenarios make many people conscious, anxious and cause them to crack out in hives. Why because society is immeasurably relying on technology. Loss of a mobile phone or the un condition of a computer can be excessively stressful and troublesome in today’s society. What would we do without our cell phones and computers even for a day?

We reliant loads on technology. Many institutions and business are left dry if the internet or computer crashes. Most of the work places are at a loss if their internet connection breaks working. Every bit of information in relation to business is entered into the computer. How are we supposed to handle business without the facility of emails? This is how bad things have become. This is how we are greatly dependent on technology. We have dismissed from mind about the ways people went about discovered information before computers. We have forgotten how business was conducted before conference calling and emails. This can also be called as over dependence on technology.

Technology has catch up with our lives to the point that we no longer live in the moment.  Children also have become highly dependent on technology. They no longer play in the parks. They no longer enjoy playing contact sports with friends. Instead, children now a days are addicted to video games and the computer. Very few children are able to amuse themselves without the help of a computer.


In place of wishing a loved one a happy anniversary face to face, an email or a text message is sent. Through text messages some people handle very crucial aspects of their lives. They express their love for each other, hate for each other etc. via text emails or text messages. Now a days even personal information is being shared via text messages and emails.

People are now so dependent on their hand phones they never come out of home without it. There is no doubt about it; society is totally over dependent on technology. It remains to be seen whether this is something positive or negative. However, I feel it is a negative aspect. So much dependence on technology can only bring about the negative.