Indian Culture Vs Western Culture

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This topic is always questionable, yet there is no perfect answer which culture is the best culture. Indian and Western culture are followed in different parts of India and they are different from each other. Indian culture refers to the traditions, religions and the rules which are followed in India whereas Western culture is the culture followed in American and the European countries.

Though they are different from each other but now-a-days both the cultures are becoming the same. From the few decades Indian people are attracted to Western culture. Basically India is known for its traditionalism but now Indian culture is divided into two parts Traditional culture and the modern culture. The traditional culture is on the continuous decline in rural people but westernization is growing in urban areas.


Indian culture plays a vital role in society. Everything from going to a certain school, to dressing a certain way and even getting married, reflects the type of person you are to the society. Indian culture major religious part includes Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism etc.

The Indian cuisine, now popular all over the world, has distinct and rich flavors full of spices. From region to region the cuisine varies. Food from each region can be distinguished by uses of different herbs, spices and cooking techniques.

Marriages also play a vital role in ones life.  Arrange marriages still play a huge part in rural India, where families pick out a proper bride and groom for the children to marry with their children’s permission. Love marriages are gaining popularity in India specifically among urban areas.

Coming to Western culture,

Western Culture received its start from the Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, which spread under the Roman Empire to different parts of the world. It is mostly influenced by Christianity. The core importance of Western Cultures are placed on individuals, they most commonly believe in making themselves happy first as an individual rather than trying to placate the society. Cuisine also varies in this culture; however, meat is the core ingredient in almost all meals. Western culture includes cooking styles of Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, India, Italy, etc. Western cultures mainly believe in nuclear families, where once the child reaches a certain age, they move out of their parents’ house into their own home. In Western cultures, there is no differentiation between men and women as both are considered equal in today’s society. Though prior to this, women were considered lesser to men, it has not been so since the 1970s. Women also have the freedom to choose what they wish to wear; they are not limited to certain boundaries of dressing style. They are also free to wear revealing clothes, though not allowed to be fully nude in public.