Impact of politics on students

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Student politics is one of the most discussed topics today. The Question is whether the students should take part in political activities is a subject drawing difference of opinion.

Some of the eyes say yes students must take part in the politics.

According to the positive eye they strongly spell “Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens”. Students are the only intelligent ones which sense the exact future happenings.

Surely, the impact of politics on students has the burning impact on today’s world. We find many students indulging in politics these days. Politics here is treated as an active part of the student field. Now, a Question arises as:

“Why the politics here is treated as an active part in the student field?”

The answer may be students, as they are the young blood of the country should involve in the politics but after gaining some knowledge, which helps the students to develop fine qualities of public speaking, which may help them in holding their future interviews. Many impressive leaders were known to have become good speakers in their college days. It is very useful if students know about the day-to-day politics which gives them training in early stages. If we keep a point on the country side a student will be able to know the different ways for service of nation not only politics.

And also it may lead to groupism among the students, which is nothing but improving interaction between students, which helps the students to act wisely, responsibly, accordingly in certain tasks.

A great say “Politics educates youth to think critically, Act responsibly, Lead effectively, and live humanly.”

Now, If we just concentrate on the other eye,  the negative part of student politics

If we come in favor with studies, student’s participation has certain disadvantages mainly it is immense loss to the students because of the wastage of their valuable time. Several students through participation start indiscipline in colleges. Most of the students for these activities are rusticated from educational interests. Now-a-days politics have become poison to young minds, which affect the life of present youth. I say that all the above inconveniences are because of politicians. Many politicians are dragging the students in bunds and rallys for their interests, which in turn spoil students lives. As a student one should involve in bunds and rallys but to some extent. Not only the bunds but politics are becoming victims in today’s educational institutions. If a student belongs to the politician family then that particular one will be the luckiest person in this world because he/she will get the appraisal in every field even though he/she is not good in that particular field. Politics effect so much to the students, students come to the institutions for gaining knowledge but teachers in turn make students the victim of their dirty politics. Here im not leading you all to oppose the student politics but im just pointing to some of the instances that are going on in the present politics, which should not be encouraged in this manner.


As a part of youth include these words in a proper manner.

The students are the pride for the nation they have ability to chase the difficulties in life. So, they equally have a right to participate in the politics to make a tamaris tomorrow.