If you cannot read this you are Illiterate

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Illiteracy is one of the dominant complications of society. The level of progress of society is proportional with literacy. In modern years, the number of illiterate people is decreasing. Because, people see the unfavourable effects of illiteracy, especially in their social lives.

If we can send a people to the moon, should not every person on earth have the ability and opportunity to read and write well? Knowing how to read and write, or being literate, is a prerequisite for succeeding in today’s technologically advanced and quickly evolving global society. Every person needs to collect literacy in his/her initial development, because reading and writing are favourable skills in many daily activities, from reading newspapers, to write letters, medicine bottles, emails, messages and reports. Being literate also expands the mind, imagination, and critical thinking skills. However, many people in the world are not literate, and many do not even have the space to become literate in their lifetime.


One of the dominant elements of illiteracy is poverty. Poverty is the main cause of illiteracy and vice versa. Similarly, underdevelopment causes illiteracy as much the same way illiteracy is the cause of under development. There are other causes too. Over population, financial and resource constraints, people’s superstition and negative attitude about education, lack of awareness etc. are responsible for illiteracy. Realistically, students who would have gone to continue their education sometimes quit school in order to work on the farm or in a factory in order to aid with the family income.  Also if a family is poor, food and the basic necessities of life take precedence before books can be purchased.


Illiteracy provokes hundreds of problems. Because of illiteracy, people don’t know how to earn well and how to spend well. As a result they can’t come out of their poverty trap. Many don’t have knowledge about nutrition and food. In turn they suffer from various kinds of diseases. In a word, illiteracy is the cause of high mortality rate, poor socio-economic condition, child labor, low life expectancy, child marriage and high growth rate of population.

Another large-scale effect of illiteracy is not having access to basic information that is distributed via books, newspapers, or the Internet. This type of information could encompass practical guidance to boost the quality of life. In short, illiteracy does not inspire positive social change, personal growth, or the preservation and development of language and culture.

Illiteracy and Human Development:

Population of a country is defined as its human resources. The skilled and educated manpower of a country is its enormous asset. But if the people are illiterate, they grow into a huge burden of the country. Illiterate people cannot contribute much to the social and economic development of the country.



How to repair Illiteracy:

As illiteracy is the root cause of all evils, it must be the number one program of govt. Though govt. has taken distinct measures like making primary education free and compulsory, girl’s education up to higher secondary level free, and the highest allocation for education in our national budget, still the measures are lacking, government must assure that the money is being utilized appropriately and effectively. Government need to set up more educational institutions, make reading materials low-priced and available and guarantee employment after completing education. Again private sectors, NGOS’ academician and patrons of learning should come forward to transmit the light of education in every house. We should also make our people conscious about the emphasis of education. Media can play a considerable role in this regard. Reducing of poverty is the most active way to abolish illiteracy from society. So, government must work in co-ordination with others to fight poverty and increase literacy rate.


The present illiteracy rate is still high in our county. That is why we are lagging behind in all respects than many other nations. If we want to frame a happy and affluent nation, if we want to stand in distinction and dignity among the nations of the world and if we want to develop our living and living condition, we must remove illiteracy from the country.