If you Can’t Spin it Swing it.

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I still remember Indian Premier League (IPL) started in early 2008.It was tremendous idea that took cricket out-of-the-box. The IPL fever has gripped the minds of the people in its full intensity. Not only for boys even girls are excited about  IPL matches. IPL is a fresh short film of cricket which attracts people around the word.  The IPL has, in many ways, turned cricket into a thriving indus monetary rewards.try, it has made a global one from the international game.IPL gave all the players a chance to open up their talents on the world stage.For those, who’d been hanging around for years in the domestic circuit, the league has provided an unmatched platform to make a mark.

It’s a noble thought that sport should be played for the joy it brings and not for the rewards.IPL has bridged that gap between a player’s desire and dreams successfully. It has provided the financial security, especially to lesser-known players who may never play for the country.

Even grandma who had never watched a cricket match in her life is now a fan of Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers. This shows the impact it has caused on our lives.

NO, IPL has no disadvantage as far as quality or purity of cricket is concerned!!

Good Luck for all the teams!