10 Best Cultural Fests we must attend, Does your college fest make a place in this List?????

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When you are a college student, you always have one event of the year to look forward to. An event that makes your birthday look secondary, and you save all your money to spend on this particular event. Yes, you might have guessed it right, I am talking of Campus Fests(college fests). College festivals are a big part of college life, they are some days of carnival where you can just party and think nothing of the otherwise severe academic pressure. Here are the top 10 college fests that you must visit......:)

Fests are the time when one can break out of the monotonous routine of college and studies and showcase one’s talent and make the most of workshops and activities. Here are the best college fests that happen every year across the country that you should try and attend:


Mood Indigo, also known as MoodI or MI, is the annual cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. It is an event usually held towards the end of December every year. The 2014 edition of Mood Indigo witnessed a footfall of more than 1,26,000 students from more than 1620 colleges from across the country. Started in 1973 by a group of enthusiastic IITians, Mood Indigo, now in its 45th edition, has become the largest festival of its kind in Asia. Over the years, MI has also attracted considerable media attention and numerous well-known sponsors.The dates for Mood-Indigo this year would be 18th to 21st December 2015.


            Undoubtedly, one place to go to this winter.

Do you Know..???

Footfall: 1,26,000

Colleges participated: 1620          

Events Organized: 200

Events in Mood Indigo:

1. Pro Nites


3. Horizons

4. Alluminati

5.World Fest

6.World Fest


8.Arts & Workshops

9.Informals and many more awaits you there...don't miss it guys

2.Saarang, IIT  Madras:

Saarang is the annual social and cultural festival of IIT Madras. It is a five-day long event held usually in the second week of January every year and is attended by approximately 50,000 students from colleges across South India. Saarang is very popular among college students and Chennai localities alike because of the wide variety of cultural events (music and dance shows), celebrities and competitions it hosts.

Saarang is an entirely non-profit organisation run by the students of IIT Madras.The organisational structure of Saarang comprises the Core group members (or Cores), and Co-ordinators. The Cores head the various departments of Finance, Publicity, Sponsorship, web-ops,Events, Design, Hospitality, Facilities and Requirements, Security and QMS (Quality Management System).They are assisted by the co-ordinators (around 200 in number) who are assigned more specific work.

  I t's a destination to exhibit your Artistic skills..Dont Miss a chance 

Events in Saarang:  Pro-Shows, Workshops, Informals, Dances, World Games, Classical Arts, Lifestyle, Speaking, Dramatics and the list is big...I think you got me....your presence is needed here..to full fill your college History Log.

3. Rendezvous, IIT Delhi:

Rendezvous is the annual culfest of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. It is a four-day-long event held at the end of October every year. It draws a footfall of about 50,000 from more than 350 colleges across the country. Started in 1976 by a bunch of enthusiastic IITians, now in its 38th edition, it has become the largest festival of its kind in Northern India.

Rendezvous, the cultural festival of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, is North India's largest college cultural festival. This four-day-long annual festival held towards the end of October every year, is a student-run non-profit organization which caters primarily to the youth. Rendezvous sees participation from a large number of students from over 350 colleges all over Delhi and nearby states of Punjab, Haryana, UP and Rajasthan with a footfall of over 50,000. Rendezvous boasts of performances by the stalwarts of the entertainment industry, from India and abroad. In the past, celebrities like Rabbi Shergill, Javed Ali, Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, John Abraham,Deepika Padukone, Imran Khan, Tania Sachdev, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and Tom Alter have come and been a part of the events in this festival. Performers like Farhan Akhtar, Kailash Kher, KK, Mohit Chauhan, Papon, Shilpa Rao, Shubha Mudgal, Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan and Surinder Sharma have performed in events here to entertain the crowd. Bands like Hoobastank, Malefice, Textures, Mindsnare,Rockfour and Mynta have come from abroad to perform here in musical events. Indian Bands like Parikrama, Agnee, Advaita, Prestorika, Vayu, Faridkot and Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ) have also performed in this festival. Rendezvous has attracted major sponsors and extensive media coverage over the years. The team of Rendezvous consists of student volunteers who work to promote creativity and intellectualism, and it symbolizes a place to be together and celebrate, as its name suggests.

Events in Rendezvous: International Music Festival, Pro-Shows, Informals, Competitions, Fashion and many more awaits for the visitor ...Hasthineme Hungama chalegi..!!!

4.Ragam, Nit Calicut:

Ragam is the annual inter-college fest conducted by the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Ragam blends a series of fine-arts, socio-cultural and literary events, along with a variety of workshops, exhibitions and informal events. The fest attracts thousands of visitors to the campus annually, and is one of the biggest cultural fests in India.

Over two decades have passed since the inception of Ragam - the annual cultural fest of NIT Calicut. The humble yet controversial beginnings of this festival are well-known due to the famous Rajan case that rocked Kerala in the seventies. Rajan, a student of the then-CREC was taken into police custody during the Emergency period and allegedly died in custody in 1976. In 1977 the All Kerala Rajan memorial music competition was started to commemorate his life. However, the same got discontinued in a few years. Later in 1987 the fest resurfaced as Ragam, an inter-college .cultural fest in remembrance of Rajan. The prestigious ever-rolling Ragam trophy of "Nataraj", the trophy awarded to the overall champions at the fest, is considered as one of the most coveted prizes by the colleges in South India. The 28th edition of the fest was conducted in March 2014. The flame that was nurtured as ‘Ragam’ still burns brightly in the hearts of the NITC’ians as the campus is preparing to raise the standards of the cultural fest even higher this time, with the 30th edition of Ragam being scheduled in March 2016.

                                                    Something big is happening here...!!!


Events in Ragam:  Pro-Shows, Workshops, Competitions...step to NIT Calicut you'll not be bored..!!!

5.Antaragni, IIT Kanpur:

Antaragni (Hindiअंतराग्नि; English: The Fire Within) is the annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, held in the month of October, and is one of the popular college festivals in India. It is a four-day-long festival, attracting participation from over 200 colleges of India.It includes professional shows, competitions, amateur rock bands, Ustads and Pandits, fashion shows, Indian folk dances, and other events. Antaragni has included performances by Vishal ShekharSonu NigamShankar–Ehsaan–LoyPoets of the Fall,Sunidhi Chauhan and Raghu Dixit. The festival also aims to serve as a platform for the expression of youth opinion on social problems.

Antarāgni (in Hindi antar means "within" and agni means "fire") stands for 'The Fire Within'. The name of the festival was changed from Culfest to Antaragni in 1993. It began as an inter-collegiate cultural event in 1964, and now draws in over 30,000 visitors from 200 colleges in India. Antaragni is a non-profit organisation run completely by students of IIT Kanpur. It started off small, funded entirely by the Student Gymkhana of IIT Kanpur. Today the budget is almost Rs 1 crore, raised through sponsorship raised..:)

Events in Antaragni: Competitions,MUN,Informals, Synchronicity, Junoon, Mridaksh.....In the remotest corner of the "Manchester of the East" many things awaits for you my dear friends.

6.Riviera, VIT Vellore:

Riviera, an annual International Sports and Cultural Festival, is conducted by VIT to facilitate and promote healthy competition, companionship and leadership skills. A much-looked-forward-to annual event by students within and outside VIT, it has, besides being great fun, consistently brought out excellent coordination skills and overall management strategies of VITians. Its latest edition had more than 50,000 participants from colleges and universities across the nation.


Events in Riviera:  100+ Events, Workshops, Pronites, Competitions and many more awaits you to feel the breeze.

7. Oasis, BITS Pilani:

Usually held in October, it attracts thousands of outside participants, India. Organized one week prior to Diwali, the festival attracts more than 200 colleges from across the country.Pilani in Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani is a cultural festival conducted annually since 1971 by the students of Oasis.

         A globe totter, You say?

Imagine the world where the shapes shift as you blink your eyes.

Skydiving in the Alps?

A Masquerade Ball in the Venice Carnival?

Sipping wine by the Seine?
Or the Northern Lights?Dreamy-eyed, are we?

This October,
Samba in the Rio Carnival,
Romance the Czech Castle City,
Party in the Oktoberfest
Hike the Inca Trail
Lose yourself in the Spring Festival.

This October, live the dream.
Oasis’15, Around the World in 96 Hours.

  Events in Oasis: Pro-Shows,Oratory,Music,Drama,Dance,Art..etc..

8.Thomso, IIT Roorkee:

Thomso, a majestic three days cultural fest is recognised as one of the greatest pomp youth festivals of India. Like a flowing river whose origin and history is alluded in itself, Thomso encompasses lavish history, splendid culture and a profoundly rich heritage of IIT Roorkee which is worth remembering even by posterity.Recognising this event of gargantuan proportions, the Government of Uttarakhand proclaimed Thomso as the Annual Youth Festival of Uttarakhand in 2004.

With larger than life themes engulfing thrill and adventure, Thomso embodies the spirit of life and gaiety, by living up to its expectations. Apart from amusement, this gallant occasion curtains the study of world lying outside the books for students. The values it provides are notable for life ahead such as optimism, leadership quality, courage, pragmatism and much more with challenging events. Young people acclaim these eventful three days among the titillating moments of their youth and herein lay the real beauty and splendour of Thomso, which is all set to leave its audience flabbergasted with hearty welcome and an ever charming aura.


Events in Thomso:  Vogue, Wargasm, Xhileration, Venture Unplugged, Foot Loose, Campus Princess,Battle Of Bands and many awaits at Thomso.

9.Waves, Bits Goa:

It is a three-day-long festival held in the late October - early November period. The first edition was in 2006. In spite of being a relatively new festival, it has attracted considerable media attention and many prominent sponsors over the years. The 2014 edition of the festival received a footfall of more than 35,000 students from 150 colleges all over the country.BITS Pilani, Goa Campus of cultural festival is the annual Waves.

The tagline of Waves 2014 was "Lights, Camera, Mayhem!”. The year saw an international act, The WorldFest, a Coke Studio performance for the English Nite as well as the Searock event which had become one of India's biggest semi-professional rock band hunt contests. There was a performance by renowned Artist, Shankar Mahadevan for the Hindi Nite, and DJ Candice Redding for the VH1 Supersonic Nite. The year also saw a special performance by well-known Indian Comedy group, All India Bakchod.

Waves was first held in 2006, when it was an inter-college affair. Since then, Waves moved on to being a regional festival, with many colleges from the Goa-Mumbai region participating. Waves went national in 2008 and was extremely successful. Following this success, 2009 saw two editions of the festival. The subsequent years saw the festival grow in terms of participation and number of events. In the past, celebrities like Vishal–Shekhar, Priyanka Chopra, Kalki Koechlin, Kailash Kher, DJ NYK, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Karsh Kale and bands like Indian Ocean, Agam, Parikrama, Raeth, Dead Letter Circus, Thermal and a Quarter, Blackstratblues have been a part of the festival.

The theme for Waves 2015 is "Escape Reality". The festival is going to be held from 6 to 8 November.

10. Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur:

The 57th edition of Spring Fest is scheduled to be held from January 29 to February 1, 2016.The first edition was held in 1960 and since then it has grown to be one of the largest student run college fests in India. Spring Fest is usually held for 3 days and 4 nights in the weekend closest to 26 January, India's Republic Day,held during the month of January in the spring semester.Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, popularly known as SF, is the annual social & cultural festival of Spring Fest.

The first edition of Spring Fest was held in 1960, which makes it one of the oldest college fests in India. It was conceived as a platform for the students of IIT Kharagpur to showcase their extra academic skills. Over the years, it began to attract participants from the neighboring colleges of West Bengal. In the last decade or so, the fest grew manifold in scale, attracting participants from all over India and as well as abroad. The 2015 edition of the fest received a footfall of over 50,000 people.

   Events in Spring Fest: Pro Nites, Workshops



Events in Spring Fest: International Carnival, Competitons...!!!