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As consumer behavior and lifestyle has been changed completely providesadded dimensions to our valuable customers to advertise in our website.

If you want to promote your events, products, trainings, services, and competitions amonguniversity students in India, advertising on Fest Samachar might be is a good idea.

Why Fest Samachar?

We asked this question to our advertisers who advertise on Fest Samachar on recurring basis. Here are their top 3 reasons.

  1. Students trust Fest Samachar: The huge reach that we have among campuses all over Indiais surely important. But what is more important is that students trust Fest Samachar like a true friend or a college senior. Which meant when you advertise on Fest Samachar , there is an implicit trust attached to your brand as well - like everything else we are known for, students expect us to advertise only quality offerings which we do by being selective about the brands that advertise with us.
  2. Great Service: Even for a free service (i.e. Fest, Campus, Startup Submissions), we enviable customer service and you can imagine how prompt, and personalized our service would be for the things that we charge money for. We take pride in taking ownership of your campaigns and go extra miles to ensure that you have a happy experience with us - we want you back, year after year!!!
  3. Affordable Pricing: For the results we deliver and for the service we provide, we our customers with how affordable advertising on Fest Samachar really is. We are obsessed with Value for Money as a way of life and strive hard to deliver the same to our clients.

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